Single Family Homes


The DBCLT has SOLD fifty six (63) single family homes and three (3) CODA Townhomes throughout the City of Delray Beach (3 townhomes, 4 single family sales through partnering with Habitat for Humanity, 6 Neighborhood Stabilization Program(NSP) rehabbed homes, and 46 new DBCLT model homes. These beautiful homes all combine high quality construction and breath taking architectural design elements to create a wonderful living environment, affordably priced.

Currently the DBCLT has 1 Foreclosed Unit, 1 Resale Unit, APS Project Development, 2 In-Fill Sites to be Developed, 9 Undeveloped vacant lots, 2 Vacant Lots pending reassignment to the DBCRA, 5 Single family home rentals/lease purchases, 1 and Avenue Duplex.

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Gardenia Jasmine Diplomat Regency
Pompey Lantana Senator II Residence

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